Free Oil Changes For Our Educators At Quality Mazda

July 8th, 2021 by

*offer valid July 6th through August 31st, 2021

Here at Quality Mazda we want to offer a genuine “THANK YOU” to educators, school administrators, and school support staff by taking care of their light vehicle maintenance. This recognition is for a group who faced unprecedented challenges in the past 18+ months keeping education moving forward. We want to say “THANK YOU” by showing how we can care for educators like they selflessly care for our children and our future. We also want to help them get ready for the new school year in a way that only our Mazda brand can.

Eligibility will be determined by institution of employment. Education workers will be asked to share proof of occupation, such as a valid employment ID badge or a pay stub. Eligible customers include active Teachers, Professors, Teaching Assistants, Teaching Aids, School Administrators, Coaches, and School Support Staff (e.g., custodial staff, bus drivers, office staff, etc.). Educational facilities include public, private, or parochial pre-school, elementary, middle, high school, academy, charter school, prep school, boarding school, college (e.g., career, community, junior, technical), university, post-graduate studies (e.g., master’s, doctorate, law, medical, veterinary degrees, etc.). Ineligible institutions include day care, childcare, healthcare, personal care, physical care, or attractions (e.g., museums, zoos, etc.).

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