Your Rights as a Consumer

If you are having problems with an Insurance Company.

We advise that you make every attempt to resolve your issue with the Insurance Company.


If all else fails you can file a complaint with the

NM Public Regulation Commission

through their website at

or by mail


PO Box 1269

Sante Fe, NM 87504

or by phone

Phone # 505-827-4592

Fax # 505-827-4463

Know Your Rights

1. Vehicles today are expensive investments. Protect your Safety and your vehicles value by having it professionally repaired.

2. Never drive a vehicle that may be unsafe due to damage caused by an accident.

3. If there is a possibility of hidden damage it is recommend that you leave your vehicle with the repair shop to be disassembled to the last point of impact for a complete and accurate Damage Assessment. The Insurance Company will come out and view the damage on site. This process greatly increases efficiency of repair which will allows the shop to get your vehicle repaired and returned to you with the least amount of inconvenience.

4. You are not required by law to obtain more than one Damage Assessment.

5. You have the right to select the repair facility of your choice. The Insurance Company or any individual cannot require you to go to any particular shop.

6. Do not select a repair shop based on the least expensive estimate. Damaged parts may be overlooked, initially giving a false appearance of value, only to be added in after the job has been secured for repairs.

7. A good quality shop offers continual training to it's technicians. All Certifications should be constantly updated to match changing technological advances in the manufacturer of todays automobiles. Manufacturer, I-CAR and ASE are common sources of training recognized in the collision repair industry.

8. Modern Equipment is critical in returning your vehicle as close as possible to it's pre-accident condition. Ask how the shop is equipped and to see the equipment in use. Most shops with expensive equipment are happy to show a potential customer the equipment in action.

9. Original Equipment Manufactured parts should be your first choice for repairs to your vehicle. Ask the shop if these parts will be used to repair your vehicle and if not WHY NOT?

10. Some Insurance Companies recommend their DRP's or Direct Repair Shops, to repair your vehicle. Some DRP programs are very good and some are not. Good DRP shops repair the vehicle for YOU. Bad DRP shops repair the vehicle to make the Insurance Company happy. Make sure you choose a Quality shop that is repairing the vehicle for YOU.

11. A minimal 12 month 12,000 mile Written Warranty should accompany a quality repair. Ask the shop to see and review a copy of their warranty with you.

12. A good repair facility will assist a customer with any part of the collision repair process. Including filing the claim securing rental cars and advising the customer of the most efficient processes to complete the repairs in the most efficient and convenient manner possible.